Sep 122013
english for shipbuilding
 Te-au acceptat la noul tau job? Esti inginer si asta iti ocupa tot timpul?! Lucrezi in domeniul naval si singura ta problema este Limba Engleza?!Aici gasiti cateva expresii care va vor ajuta sa va familiarizati cu termenii tehnici din acest domeniu.

1.There are four main types of marine engine: the Diesel engine, the steam turbine, the gas 0turbine and the marine nuclear plant.
2. Each type of engine has its own particular application.
3. The Diesel engine is a form of internal combustion engine similar to that used in a bus.
4. Its power is expressed  as a brake horsepower (B.H.P.)
5. This is the power putout by the engine.
6. Effective horsepower is the power developed by the piston in the cylinder, but some of this is lost by friction within the engine.
7. The power output of a modern marine diesel engine is about 40.000 brake horsepower.
8. This is not expressed in kilowatts.
9. By comparison the engine of a small family car has an output of 80 brake horsepower.
10. Large diesel engines, which have cylinders nearly 3 ft in diameter, turn at the relatively slow speed of about 108 rpm.
11. This are known as slow-speed diesel engines.
12. They can be connected directly to the propeller without gearing.
13. Although higher power could be produced by higher revolutions this would reduce the efficiency of the propeller because the propeller is more efficient the larger it is and the slower it turns.
14. These large slow running engines are used in the larger merchant ships particularly in tankers and bulk carriers.
15. The main reason is their low fuel consumption.
16. More and more of the larger merchant vessels are being powered by medium-speed diesel engine.
17. These operate between 150 and 450 rpm, therefore they are connected to the propeller by gearing.
18. This type of engine was once restricted to smaller cargo ships, but now they are used in fast cargo liners as well as in tankers and bulk carriers.
19. They are cheaper than slow speed diesel engines and their smaller size and weight can result in a smaller cheaper ship.
20. In steam turbines high pressure steam is directed into a series of blades or vanes attached to a shaft, causing it to rotate.
21. This rotary motion is transferred to the propeller shaft by gears.
22. Steam is produced by boiling water in a boiler which is fired by oil.
23. Recent developments in steam turbines which have reduced fuel consumption and raised power output have made them a more attractive as an alternative to diesel power in ships.
24. They are 50% lighter and on very large tankers some of the steam can be used to drive the large cargo oil pumps.
25. Turbines are often used in container ships, which travel at high speed.
26. Gas turbines differ from steam turbines in that gas rather than steam is used to turn a shaft.
27. These have also become more suitable for use in ships.
28. Many naval vessels are powered by gas turbines and several container ships are fitted with them.
29. Gas turbine engine is very light and easily removed for maintenance.
30. It is also suitable for complete automation.
31. Nuclear power in ships has mainly been confined to naval vessels, particularly submarines.
32 But this form of power will be used more in merchant ships as oil fuel become more expensive. 33. A nuclear-powered ship differs from a conventional combined ship in that it uses the energy released by the decay of  radioactive fuel to generate steam.
34. The steam is used to turn a shaft via a turbine in the conventional way.


-blade                          -pala, paleta (de elice, etc.)
-brake horse        putere de franare  2.putere nominala
-decay                         -descompunere, dezagregare
-fast cargo liner           -cargo de linie rapid
-gearing                       -angrenare/actionare cu roata dintata
-maintenance               -intretinere, conservare; cheltuieli de intretinere (a navei)
-marine engine -masina/motor naval
-marine nuclear plant   -instalatie/uzina nucleara navala
-power                         -a actiona, a pune in miscare
-power output             -randament, putere electrica
-propeller shaft            -arbore portelice
-shaft                           -arbore; ax de elice
-slow speed diesel engine      -motordiesel de mica viteza
-vane                           -paleta (de turbina)
-via                                         -prin, via

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